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The best bad movie podcast, with Nick and Chris.

Jun 11, 2017

This time around Your Stupid Minds delves into the scary alternate universe science fiction dystopia in Pure Flix’s God’s Not Dead 2. Producer and “Pastor Dave” David A.R. White returns with an all-star cast that dwarfs the middling 90s television actors of the first film (Dean Cain, Kevin Sorbo), with some people who can actually act. Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart) is a saintly Christian high school history teacher who gets into hot water for answering a direct question about Jesus in her AP U.S. History class. Evil atheist ACLU lawyer Peter Kane (Ray Wise) descends on the small Arkansas town to prove once and for all that God is dead (by proving the existence of the Establishment Clause). Can the Crusaders for good defend this attack on religion? Is Pat Boone Melissa Joan Hart’s dad or husband? Did any of the filmmakers actually talk to a lawyer before writing this? Will any more minorities be slapped in the face by overbearing anti-Christian fathers in God’s Not Dead 3? Only time will tell.