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The best bad movie podcast, with Nick and Chris.

May 16, 2014


We return to our vague association with Kurt Wimmer and his 1996 revenge action film One Tough Bastard. Sort of like The Crow meets Hard to Kill, OTB (also called One Man’s Justice) stars action star and washed out first round draft pick Brian Bosworth as his ex-wife and daughter are needlessly murdered by Marcus (Jeff Kober, resembling a C-Team Josh Brolin), the worst drug dealer in the world. He shoots The Boz and puts him in the hospital. Once awake from his brief but refreshing coma, The Boz plots his revenge against Marcus and the skeeziest long-haired nose-pierced FBI agent in the world, Agent Karl Savak (played by Dungeons and Dragons’s Bruce Payne). Also MC Hammer is barely in this movie. Will The Boz fulfill his revenge, and exploit an inner city toddler in the process? Only one way to find out!